EU customs competency framework

Die Zollverwaltung erwartet, dass bei Bewilligungen zu einem besonderen Zollverfahren, Vereinfachungen beim Anmeldeverfahren und insbesondere bei AEO-zertifizierten Unternehmen Zollkompetenz im Unternehmen vorliegt und auch belegt werden kann.

Als Vorgabe für die Weiterbildung Ihrer Mitarbeiter hat die EU-Kommission einen Rahmenplan erarbeitet. An diesem orientieren sich unsere Seminare.

customs competency frameworkLevel 1 - AwarenessLevel 2 - TrainedLevel 3 - AdvancedLevel 4 - Expert
definitionapplies for those who only need insight into the competency. That means they do not need the competency to be able to engage in a specific role.
Awareness of a competency that is not required to perform a specific role, but is required of people that you need to work with or manage, will increase understanding and efficiency.
Proficiency required to be able to perform standard tasks in the area of the competency independentlyrefers to the level of experience in a certain competencyrequires additional competency specific experience and/or training to reach the status of "expert" in a specific competency
description- has a general understanding of what the competency is about
- has basic knowledge of the competency
- has good working knowledge of this competency
- is able to apply that knowledge in daily work
- is able to perform standard activities with regards to this competency in an independent manner
- has broad and in-depth knowledge and skills with regards to the competency
- is able to deal with a variety of exceptions ans special cases related to the competency in an independent manner
- is able to effectively share his/her knowledge and experience with more junior profiles
- has extensive expert knowledge and skills with regards to the competency
- is able to highlight the (dis)advantages of each of the processes related to this competency whilst linking them to bigger picture
- is able to provide tailored advice and to support the advice with relevant and context specific arguments when responding to internal and external queries